Vegetable trend crops up in fragrance

The use of vegetables such as cucumber and avocado in skincare may not be new but products featuring more unusual ingredients – including broccoli, spinach and peppers – are on the rise.  Most are positioned within niche brands but many are already proving popular in Asia and starting to enter US and European markets.  We predict it’s definitely one to watch.

To help manufactures get ahead of the curve, our talented perfumery team has created three vegetable-inspired fragrance concepts for a new generation of on-trend shower gels, body lotions and shampoos.

  • Kale has been phenomenally successful as a superfood and widely adopted in skincare and even nail varnish.  So we harnessed the essence of this leafy vegetable in a rural fragrance which blends pea pods, green olives and fruity melon against a backdrop of forest woods.
  • In our second concept, we gave the delicate aroma of green tea a contemporary edge with the addition of wheatgrass which lends an unexpected feisty heart to our herbaceous scent.
  • Our third fragrance leverages consumer familiarity with cucumber and avocado but produces a more vibrant scent with soft notes of jasmine, cyclamen and mimosa.

But this trend is not just limited to personal care. It has cross sector appeal. So for consumers who want to introduce a sense of natural freshness to the home, our rich fragranced candle concept offers top notes of zesty orange, leafy greens and cut grass leading to a heart of spicy pumpkin, purple carrot and delicate jasmine.

To find out more or discuss how Seven can work with you to create innovative fragrances for your products, please contact us.  We’d be delighted to help.