The smell of fear

The UK’s ultimate haunting experience – Farmaggedon – is taking the horror experience to a completely new level by preying on visitors’ sense of smell.  Working with the designers of this internationally-recognised ‘Scream Park’, Seven has created the most rotten, overpowering and decaying smells to assault the senses as visitors move through the three interactive horror houses.

Eight fragrances have been created and aligned with a specific theatrical scene.  From the oily, smoky smell of diesel at the Ghost Train, to the aroma of burnt pork and fresh meat in the abattoir, through to the unsettling blend of surgical and metallic notes in the hospital – each has been formulated to deliver impact and atmosphere.  Even the classic, heavy, floral fragrance created for the Bride of Frankenstein which initially seems pleasant has been carefully injected undertones of earth and mould to overpower and turn the stomach.

The challenge for the Seven perfumery team was how to use its knowledge in a completely new creative format to create a negative effect.  Some of the butyrates that traditionally give a lovely lift to fruity fragrances, for example, were overdosed to create a revolting smell of vomit around the Exorcist scene.  Dispersed using fans, these smells create an added dimension to the experience where no smell is left untouched.

Farmaggedon was inspired by the immense popularity of the american Halloween industry and adapted by its creator, Mark Edwards, for the UK.  The venue is literally alive with packs of zombies and other creatures who roam around the horror houses – Terror on the Farm, Insanity and Psychosis – making it a truly interactive experience.

Visit if you dare.