Study: Fragrance and communication

Video: Researching the link between fragrance and communication with multi-sensory impaired children:

The results of our innovative study designed to explore the benefits of using scents in an educational environment has revealed some fascinating results.

Working with the Seashell Trust – a UK school for young people with multi-sensory impairments – over recent years had already shown us the power of fragrance in helping students identify people, places and objects.  We wanted to explore this relationship further and planned the study around specific goals; to investigate whether olfactory cues could improve the students’ understanding, communication and ability to make choices.

A full report of the study’s approach, considerations and challenges will be published exclusively in the December issue of Perfumer and Flavorist.  In the meantime, take a look at our inspirational video – meet the people behind the study, the children it benefits and gain insight into why this project is so important to all those involved.

Boosted by these encouraging findings, Seven will continue to invest in research into this complex and exciting area.