Shoes, scents and smiles

We are delighted to continue our collaboration with the talented Oily Cart theatre company and their new show for young children – There Was An Old Woman – which opens at the Southbank Centre, London, on 13 December.

Taking inspiration from the popular children’s nursery rhyme, this unique production creates a multi-sensory wonderland using an exciting blend of visual delights, memorable scents, comforting textures and live music.  And shoes – lots of shoes!

Three different spaces are brought to life on stage and Seven’s fragrances are used to encourage engagement.  The bear in the wild woods brings a lush, earthy, forest smell, the bedroom in the enchanted house is fragranced with restful lavender, while the orchard surrounding the Old Woman’s shoe house fills the air with the fresh, crisp scent of green apples.

After its run in London over Christmas, Oily Cart is taking the show on tour around the country.  For dates and venues or to book tickets, please visit the website .