Seven Scent achieves UK first

We are proud to announce that Seven Scent has become the first UK-based fragrance supplier to achieve halal certification for our entire portfolio following an extensive audit of our manufacturing process by The Halal Trust.

We have a strong record of creating halal-approved fragrances for successful PZ Cussons brands in Muslim-majority regions, but we wanted to formalise and strengthen our position – not only to future proof established brands in key Asian countries, but also open up new opportunities in western markets where there is untapped potential for halal-certified personal care and cosmetic products.

Working closely with The Halal Trust, we ensured our entire production process met halal standards of production based on principles of Islamic law which emphasise safety and wholesomeness.  The rigorous certification audit covered cleaning and manufacturing systems, as well as laboratory testing of random fragrances in order to provide qualitative and quantitative validation.  Supplier due diligence of all raw materials was a crucial step to achieving full compliance for our Manchester site.

Shoeeb Riaz, independent halal consultant and auditor for The Halal Trust had this to say about our achievement: “Seven is a market leader and already one step ahead of many UK businesses in that it is familiar with halal as a holistic system of production, as well as the commercial value of this exciting global market.  The personal care and cosmetics industry is particularly receptive to product innovation in this space, with forecasts predicting it will account for 8.2% of global expenditure by 2019.

“Modern, brand conscious, young Muslims – particularly women – are keen to follow beauty trends and increasingly looking for aspirational personal care and cosmetic products which meet their dual demand for beauty and faith.  In the UK, for example, 37% of Muslims fall into the coveted 18-35 year old demographic which is an important consumer audience for brand owners.”

The certification is renewed annually by The Halal Trust in accordance with local and international guidelines. It is designed to be easily integrated into existing production systems on site; allowing businesses to operate without any downtime.  We are committed to maintaining halal principles across its manufacturing processes and involved with early regulator discussions to establish regional compliance standards across the ASEAN market.

If you would like to discuss how we can create halal fragrances for your products, please do get in-touch.