Seven heads for the sun

Our latest collaboration with world renowned  orchestra – the Hallé – which is being staged next month and has a vibrant weather theme.  ‘Hallé in the Sun’ combines music and fragrance to create a multi-sensory performance for school children aged 7 to 11 years.

Formulated to enhance specific pieces of music, our perfumers have carefully created a number of highly evocative scents which are presented on scratch and sniff cards; each fragrance is released by the audience as the musical programme evolves:

  • A heady mix of salt, brine and seaweed accompanies Britten’s tempestuous ‘Storm’
  • Orange blossom drifting on warm Spanish sunshine intermingles with ‘Carmen’s Suite’ by Bizet
  • Cool, crisp, pine trees are the backdrop for a sleigh ride through the forest during ‘Nightride and Sunrise’ by Sibelius
  • A magical carpet of bluebells and woodland foliage unfolds in Stravinsky’s ‘The Firebird.’

Featuring a mix of scores from classical Stravinsky to contemporary film soundtracks, the full programme has been selected to support the overall theme and is played by a live orchestra. It also includes two pieces from the BBC Ten Pieces project which the Hallé is supporting as a Ten Pieces Champion

A special feature of this year’s Hallé for Youth concerts is the debut of a new song co-written by Steve Pickett, the Hallés education director, and local poet Terry Caffrey entitled ‘Your Turn to Shine.’ 

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