Scent marketing takes off on a global scale

Companies around the world are waking up to the power of fragrance.  The use of aroma to influence purchasing and retail experience has grown in scale and scope and is now an integral part of marketing strategies.

We are all very aware of the impact of fragrance in our homes.  It is only logical that if you make an environment more pleasurable, you are more likely to change behaviour.  In our homes it may be to make it more relaxing. Retailers, however, are aiming to improve the shopping experience and encourage sales – this is something that bakeries with the irresistible smell of freshly baked bread have known for a long time.

With international brand such as M&Ms pumping the smell of chocolate into its new London megastore and the latest Spy Kids film featuring ‘aromascope’ as an added fourth dimension, it is clear that the business of fragrance is now firmly on the marketing agenda.

This is a positive development but, like all marketing concepts, it needs to be used effectively and responsibly to avoid a negative reaction from consumers with a hugely influential social media voice.

For a more detailed view, take a look at The Independent’s article on the subject via: