Revolutionary concert collaboration

Seven has once again lent its olfactory expertise to this year’s Hallé for Youth Concerts for Schools programme which took place earlier this month.

Our creative perfumers developed a number of highly evocative fragrances around the theme of ‘Science, Revolution and Music’. Each was formulated to enhance a specific piece of music and help transport the audience to another world. Presented on interactive ‘scratch and sniff’ cards each fragrance was released at carefully timed moments during the live orchestra performance:

  • Kryptonite: a powerful lime fragrance brings alive the vivid green, radioactive element which is so deadly to well know superhero, Superman.
  • Computer games: a sweet, masculine fragrance combines amber with sweet red fruits and a woody undertone to evoke far off worlds mingled with musty gaming rooms.
  • English countryside: opening with a sticky, sweet, strawberry aroma, this popular fragrance captures the heady warmth of a summer’s day.
  • Stalin: a tense atmosphere of secret police, war and undercover spies is created through a blend of metallic notes mixed with smoky undertones and dusty rubble.

Featuring a mix of scores from Wagner’s classic Ride of the Valkyries, to the more contemporary Superman by Williams and the soundtrack to the gaming app sensation Angry Birds – the programme took the audience on an exciting adventure through time and space.

Conducted by Jamie Phillips and presented by Tom Redmond, the Hallé for Youth 2016 Concerts for Schools was staged at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. To find out more, please click here.