Popcorn or Pizza Handwash?

Creative Perfumer Kate cleans up with the expert panel

Here at Seven we pride ourselves on listening to customers.

We all know that fragrance is the deal-breaker when it comes to persuading people to choose toiletry products. So when we started thinking about how we could make children wash their hands more often and more thoroughly, we thought that rather than asking parents, we’d ask kids themselves.

We worked with some great children and their teachers at East Didsbury School in Manchester and then polled 1200 kids asking about the hand-wash scents they said would make them wash their hands.
Chocolate orange was voted top of the class by the nation’s children. Thanks to Carex, the number one anti-bacterial handwash in the UK, we made a prototype of the nation’s favourite handwash… as you’ll see, the folk at the children’s newspaper, First News, loved it:


They’ve even come up with a poll of their own. http://www.firstnews.co.uk/polls/

…Popcorn or pizza handwash anyone?