Penning Perfumes Inspires at IFRA UK Forum

Following the success of the Penning Perfumes launch event in the summer, the initiative will be the subject of discussion at IFRA UK’s second Fragrance Forum taking place at The Royal Society London on 18 October.

Lizzie Ostrom of Scratch+Sniff and co-creator of the project will present the background to this unusual pairing of perfumer with poet, whilst Kate Williams – a creative perfumer here at Seven – will explore her own unique experience of creating a fragrance inspired by poet Lindsey Holland’s words in ‘The Standing.’

Penning Perfumes brought together some of the UK’s leading perfumers with established and up and coming writers.  The challenge for the perfumers was to create a new fragrance around a poem from the writer’s repertoire.

“This was an exciting opportunity to explore the importance of language and how we as perfumers interpret words to create fragrances which need to successfully capture the emotion and story behind a product.  It was entirely different approach to our usual marketing-led briefs and I will be explaining how we can all learn from it to enhance the creative process in a commercial context,” comments Kate.

“The perfumers rose to the challenge and I am looking forward to bringing the concept to an industry audience to see how they respond and whether they agree with the interpretation of the poetry,” adds Lizzie.

Penning Perfumes will be on a tour around the UK in early 2013 when members of the public will have opportunity to attend the event, sample the new scents and hear readings of the poetry that inspired it.   Keep an eye on our blog for futher details.