Seven is committed to working with organisations who can benefit from accessing our expertise; challenging us to make fragrance work in diverse, inspirational and rewarding ways.

The Hallé Orchestra: Our work with the acclaimed Hallé Orchestra explores how music and fragrance can work together for therapeutic purposes.  We integrate sound and smell in order to connect with the senses and are already seeing the benefits of this approach for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Seashell Trust: A UK-based school, offering specialist provision for children and young people up to the age of 25 with sensory impairments, severe or profound learning difficulties and significant communication difficulties.  Working closely with Seven, the Seashell Trust aims to understand more about the ways that scent can be used effectively as part of the learning process with students.

Manchester International Festival:  Seven’s creative input with the Manchester International Festival integrates fragrance into performance to deliver a truly multi-sensory experience.   We lent our perfumery expertise to theatre group Oily Cart who used our fragrances to help communicate with their young audience. By associating a scent with a character, the children were able to identify and connect with the show much more easily – a particularly beneficial aspect for those with sensory impairments.   Following the success of its first run, Oily Cart toured schools across the UK and entertained children of all ages.

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