Out of Africa

We are delighted to report the publication of an article, authored by members of Seven’s creative perfumery team, in November’s issue of Perfumer & Flavorist.  Charting one of our many trips to Africa, the feature offers an insight into the complexities of developing a high performance fragrance for laundry products which are used in very distinct environments.

Focusing on the diverse city of Lagos, the article provides an interesting case study for what can be learned from an on the ground visit and how Seven interprets this information to create winning fragrances.   It outlines the very different and contrasting locations where laundry products are used.  From washing in a bucket by a busy road, to drying clothes on a line in the relative fresh air of the marshlands versus the stagnant waters of a canal, we explain the importance of mapping these malodours for product development.

We firmly believe that experiencing a fragrance in the environment in which it is actually used is essential for the understanding of both perfumer and evaluator – this article offers a fascinating illustration of our approach. Please visit Perfumer & Flavorist to find out more.

Of course, if you would like to discuss how our insights can help you develop a consumer product for a specific international market, please do get in touch.