Oud to Autumn: Guide to fragrance trends 2016/17

Next year’s autumn-winter fragrance collections look set to feature opulent berries, a violet revival and the ever popular oud, according to the findings of our latest global trends research. 

Be prepared for three key fragrance directions for the coming season:

  • Hedgerow Berries:  represented by a rich blend of raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant and icy red berries, this abundance of fruitfulness is coupled with woody accords and oriental nuances.
  • Violet:  combining delicate florals, beautiful woods and lush leaves, the traditional flower has been given a modern makeover to deliver a contemporary, multi-faceted profile.
  • Oud: continuing its meteoric rise, this sultry note returns again to add an intense musky note to more powerful compositions.

“Autumn signals a change in mood and emotion which is reflected in our fragrance forecast.  The move towards luscious berry notes and hints of vintage florals creates a sense of vibrant vitality and colour, while the strong presence of oud for yet another season not only marks its transition to the mainstream, it also brings a distinctly modern edge,” reports Kate Williams, one of our talented creative perfumers.

Inspired by these trends, we have created three new fragrance concepts; each is brought to life in a key application and can be tailored to a range of personal care and household products:

  • Organic Elements: a fresh blend of cool spices, white woods and delicate florals; evoking remote winter landscapes and free-flowing, icy water.  A soft and gentle scent perfectly suited to babycare as well as shower products and fabric conditioner.
  • Cosmic Creations: futuristic fantasy meets ethereal dreamland in this magical layering of contrasting fruits, powdery florals and sweet gourmand notes; a modern fragrance which lends itself to deodorants, hairstyling and shower ranges.
  • Romantic Renaissance: celebrating the grandeur and drama of the period, this heady fragrance combines dark florals with warm, rich spices; an elegant addition to bar soaps, male grooming and shower products.

We’d be delighted to share our insights and work with you to create on-trend fragrances for your products.. If you’d like to know more, please do get in-touch.