New book charts link between aroma and taste

The crucial role smells play in eating enjoyment was the catalyst for a new book ‘Season to Taste’.  Written by Molly Birnbaum, the inspiration for the book came after she was involved in a road accident in America – where she was studying to be a chef – and was left her without the sense of smell.  With experts telling her it was  unlikely ever to return, Molly set about researching the science behind olfaction and recording how she did gradually re-discover the scented world.

It is a journey she describes in an interview with The New York Times as “adding colour back into a black and white movie.”  It brought her to the realisation that smell is intrinsically linked to taste; “Without smell it was temperature in my mouth.  It’s like the whole world was muted.”

Molly’s story is a topic of discussion in BBC Radio 4’s Midweek programme which you can listen to here (main interview at 32 minutes into the programme):   

You can also read the full interview with The New York Times and how – against the odds – Molly recovered her sense of smell: