Historic aromas for Hallé for Youth concerts

Seven Scent is continuing its creative collaboration with the world renowned orchestra – the Hallé – by creating atmospheric smells to support World War 1 themed children’s concerts entitled ‘Keep the Hallé Fires Burning!’

The performances are designed to encourage children aged 7-11 to explore this important period in history through music and song.  A number of scents created by Seven help to enhance the experience by evoking a strong sense of place and are presented to the young audience on bespoke scratch and sniff cards.  Acrid, dry smoke mixes with the damp, heavy undertones of a muddy trench, while a pungent meaty aroma is reminiscent of the contents of ration tins and the sweet warmth of ginger beer brings momentary lightness.

Played live by the Hallé, the music includes extracts from symphonies by a number of well known composers, as well as a new medley of war songs written specifically for the concerts by the Hallé’s education director, Steve Pickett.

“This brief again challenged us to use our fragrance expertise in a completely new context; this time to create aromas inspired by the hardship soldiers endured on the front.   We are pleased to once again work with the Hallé and offer a memorable creative space for the children to develop and learn,” comments Kate Williams, creative perfumer Seven Scent.

‘Keep the Hallé Fires Burning!’ is part of the Hallé for Youth annual series of schools concerts which are performed at The Bridgewater Hall; the Hallé’s Manchester home in the UK.