Fragrance technology for floors

Fragrance technology for floors
Our continued collaboration with micro-particle technology specialists, Exilica, has led to the creation of a new scented PVC floor tile designed to help combat malodours.  This exciting innovation is currently being trialled at Coventry University where the tiles have been installed in the campus toilets. Robust data from the initiative will support the product’s ability to mask residual odours in this environment and potentially open up a new role for flooring.
The floor tiles, manufactured by injection moulding specialists Barkley Plastics, are loaded with a bespoke Seven fragrance as well as an anti-bacterial agent, which are released slowly from the product thanks to Exilica’s unique particle technology.  This patented process is based on tiny spheres which act like micro-sponges capable of absorbing twice their own weight in fragrance and then discharging it via a slow release chemical mechanism over several years.
By creating a more premium-style perfume, as opposed to a scent traditionally associated with bathroom cleaners, we have given the tiles a genuine point of difference.  It is a sophisticated fragrance combining orange flower with warm, woody, oriental notes which, together with the anti-bacterial agent, helps to ensure the toilets smell pleasant and stay clean at all times.  
This is just one example of how this exciting fragrancing technology can be used to create new opportunities for polymer-based products.  If you would like to find out more, please get in-touch via [email protected]