Fragrance fusion event

An innovative event bringing together fragrance, food and music takes place on Thursday 26 April as part of the British Society of Perfumers’ schedule of meetings.

Led by Seven Scent, this creative evening seminar will feature canapés inspired by the aromas found in a number of well known personal care brands.  Experienced chef Paul Winder has teamed up with one of our creative perfumers, Kate Williams, to translate the key ingredients used in specific fragrance blends into delicious canapés to feed the senses.

Kate Williams explains; “We have developed a range of signature canapés to serve at the event. For example, the Imperial Leather classic fragrance of lemon, cumin, rosemary, lavender and mint has inspired a warm spice blend for a beef carpaccio, served on a black pepper crisp base with a pea shoot oil.

“This has been a truly unique project designed to integrate two highly creative processes and we are delighted with the result – the canapés really do taste as good as they smell!”

The fusion of creative disciplines has also inspired a collaboration with the Hallé orchestra.  Special guest Steve Pickett, composer and educational director for the Hallé, will lead an interactive session exploring how the senses can be used to inspire and enrich the creative process.  “With fragrance descriptions and behaviours often closely linked to musical terms such as harmony, top notes and base notes, there is a natural affinity between the two,” adds Kate.