The creation of innovative perfumes can only be achieved with the latest technology.   Seven’s custom-built facilities combine the latest advances in production techniques with rigorous quality control and compliance.

Quality control:  Every raw material and finished product is subject to thorough testing to ensure the highest possible standards.  Significant investment in interactive equipment together with frequent supply chain audits ensure end to end control and security for our customers.

Compliance:  Seven is compliant with all global, regional and local legislation requirements in new and emerging markets.  We take an active role in addressing the challenges facing the industry.

Analysis: Seven provides state of the art analytical capability. We look at every aspect of fragrance composition.  From ingredient trends to competitor product analysis, we evaluate this data against our extensive library of raw materials in order to support innovative fragrance development.

Technologies:  Investment in extensive NPD and EPD technologies together with an experienced technical team enables Seven to optimise fragrance performance in every application.  Raw materials are evaluated at each stage in the development process.  By integrating technical analysis with fragrance development, we ensure a consistently high fragrance performance in the chosen delivery system.

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