Evaluation & Marketing

Our aim is to create the perfect fragrance for your product and business needs.  We work with you to deliver a total product, not just a fragrance in isolation. Together with your product development team, our integrated team breathes new life into the process; stimulating new product and fragrance ideas to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Insights: Trend tracking and relevant consumer insights lie at the heart of Seven’s creative ethos.  We understand the intrinsic role of fragrance in building brand loyalty.  This drives our market research; working tirelessly to monitor trends and interpret their impact on consumer choice and translate our findings into outstanding fragrances.

Briefing: We believe our approach to fragrance briefing is unique.  The language of fragrance can be difficult to convey which is why we developed a collaborative, multi-sensory brief.  Together we explore the rationale, emotion and technical issues behind the product so that we can fully interpret its brand positioning.

Evaluation: Our experienced evaluation team plays a pivotal role; working closely with our perfumers and marketers to bring together creative inputs. Their role is to ensure fragrances meet the commercial, technical and marketing elements of the brief.   This process is carried out with the help of a library of thousands of fragrances. It is used by the evaluators as a source of inspiration for new ideas, as well as a reference of tried and tested fragrances which may be used in new applications and markets.

Global context: To ensure our fragrances are aligned with cultural preferences and application, we have created a global fragrance network.  Consisting of local expert panellists in key markets, it allows us to draw on specific market knowledge from around the world.

Brand platform: Our marketing team provides input and support by means of innovative fragrance trends, market insights and creative concept generation.   With a strong fragrance and product development background, our marketers can provide exciting ideas which have genuine commercial potential.

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