BSP takes aim in ‘Fragrance at War’

Britain at War is the inspiration behind the next meeting of the British Society of Perfumers scheduled to take place next month in the appropriate surroundings of the UK’s IWM North, part of the Imperial War Museums.

Entitled ‘Fragrance at War’, the event will take a creative look at key artefacts and fragrances from the World War II period.  In what promises to be a highly entertaining evening, a number of fascinating items from this memorable time in history will feature in interactive presentations and smelling sessions including; shrapnel collected by a young boy after an air raid and the last remaining possessions a sailor took on a long, cold sea journey.

The audience will be transported back in time by a line up of expert speakers:

  • Lizzie Ostrom will share stories taken from her new book ‘Perfume a Century of Scents’ and explore a selection of re-crafted personal care fragrances.
  • Pete Malton, one of the talented creative perfumers at Seven Scent, together with fellow perfumer Achille Riviello from PFW, will present their fragrance creations along with the items that inspired them.
  • Virginie Daniau, fragrance tailor, scientist and founder of Parfum Parfait, will take the audience on an olfactory adventure inspired by a whirlwind romance and wedding dress from 1943.

‘Fragrance at War will take place at 6.00pm-9.00pm on Thursday 8 October 2015 at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester, UK.  For directions to the event, please click here.

Open to Member, Friends of the Society and Non-Members, tickets can be obtained be emailing [email protected] or visiting the website.

We look forward to seeing you there!