BSP annual symposium works up a sweat

The 33rd annual symposium held by the British Society of Perfumers took place last month and was once again well attended by an audience of perfumers, evaluators and marketers. Kate Williams – one of Seven’s talented creative perfumers and newly elected president of the BSP – took a key role in this hugely enjoyable day.

The packed agenda opened with a presentation by Caroline Allen from Stirling University. With support from Kate, Caroline has been researching the effect of artificial fragrances on our ability to judge human body odour – and how this influences our choice of deodorant.

Caroline led an interactive session where participants were asked to smell cotton pads soaked in armpit sweat and use descriptive words to record their impressions. Responses ranged from musky, sweet, floral and, in the case of one sample, onion and cumin. Reactions to each sample varied greatly – which in itself was a fascinating outcome – and these valuable insights will contribute to the wider odour mapping work we carry out at Seven.

The rest of the day unfolded with the appointment of Firmenich perfumer, Wessel-Jan Kos, as BSP vice president and a raft of highly creative presentations from leading fragrance companies including PFW, DRT and IFF

BSP events take place throughout the year and are open to members and non-members. Keep an eye on the calendar for further details.