BSP 50th anniversary book launch

Seven is delighted to be part of the British Society of Perfumer’s 50th anniversary celebrations.  To mark the milestone, leading organisations from the world of perfumery were invited to contribute their story to a unique book collaboration – and we are proud to report that Seven’s transformation from PZ Cusson’s hidden gem to the stand-alone creative company it is today features in its pages.

With a history dating back to the 16th Century, ‘British Perfumery – A Fragrant History’ takes the reader on a journey from some of the very first fragrance houses with royal associations, to the great British fragrance houses of today.  Its beautifully designed pages highlight some of the global brands we all know and love, the luxury of niche perfumery as well as those companies who supply the ingredients for inspirational fragrance creation.

“Throughout the book you will also find the personal stories and anecdotes of many perfumers who have made the British Perfumery industry as creative and talented as it is today. Learn how they started their careers in fragrance and who inspired them. Understand more about the societies, trade associations, trainers and educators who play a key role in our industry and how the British Perfumery industry is looking to the future,”  reveals the BSP.

‘British Perfumery – A Fragrant History’ will be launched at an exclusive event on 30 October at the Royal Society, London.  For details of how to purchase a copy, please contact the British Society of Perfumers.