About Seven

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could purchase your fragrances from a proven supplier with special experience in applying fragrance to consumer products; a supplier who understands your commercial needs and is entirely focussed on how they can add value to your business; a supplier with really great people to work with?

This is Seven. You may not have heard of us before, but we have been operating for 25 years, supplying perfumes for a wide variety of consumer products categories and in most of the continents of the world. And now, we’re ready to offer our skills and enthusiasm to benefit your business.

So where has Seven appeared from? For the last 25 years we have solely worked for the PZC Cussons Group, and have successfully supplied the majority of the perfumes used by the group worldwide. Just 18 months ago the group invested in  a new plant, custom designed not only to make perfume compounding accurate, efficient and flexible, but also to permit PZC Fragrance to launch as a separate business able to offer expertise and compounding to new customers. Seven was launched in May 2010.

Seven will deliver everything you expect from other fragrance suppliers, but in other respects Seven is also surprisingly different.  We are used to working as part of a commercial team focussed on adding value to the business both at the sales line and the bottom line. We will apply this focus to your business and we have a variety of proven techniques to achieve great results for you. Our approach to fragrance creation and supply is refreshingly different: our creative team are here to drive product and not just fragrance innovation. We fully understand the needs of a flexible approach to supply chain management.

And finally, but so importantly, we are great people to work with. Please have a look at our ‘philosophy’ – written as a description of how we actually are.

I personally look forward to meeting your fragrance challenges!

Neil Weaver

Managing Director


seven is the same:

  1. Proven success in sourcing, procuring, compounding and distributing perfumes
  2. Qualified and experienced perfumery experts
  3. State-of-the-art laboratories and compounding with strong process and quality control and proven history of legal compliance
  4. International

and Seven is surprisingly different:

  1. Focussed on adding value to your business
  2. Great people to work with
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